Month: November 2018

Bystanders and arena staff saved hockey player with CPR

A 44-year old man is alive due to the prompt actions by a group of bystanders. The man was playing hockey at the Bell Sensplex when he experienced sudden cardiac arrest right after 7 PM. The witnesses say he dropped on the ice while skating. According to Jonathan Reuther, a facility supervisor at the rink, […]

Timely first aid: Rescued from carbon monoxide poisoning

A family of four is recovering from an almost deadly carbon monoxide poisoning in their Kitchener, Ontario home. Alicia Mighton and her mother spent the night out and returned home to a scary ordeal. According to Mighton, around 2:30 AM, her little sister and father were unconscious. She tried to wake them up but unsuccessful. […]

CPR: Father saves infant son’s life

A father who saved the life of his infant son with CPR skills urges others to learn basic first aid skills. The father recently finished a first aid workshop which later puts his skill in action. During an unexpected event, his 8-month old son ceases to breath at their home on the Hebridean Island of […]

Emergency first aid: Bystanders rescue stabbed Edmonton man

The Edmonton police applaud bystanders who administer emergency first aid to a man in Edmonton. The man sustained stab wounds on a train platform during the morning rush hour. With the efforts of the bystanders, they were able to save the man’s life. According to the witnesses, the man received several stab wounds in the […]

CPR: Need for improved first aid skills after Toronto van attack

After the Toronto van attack, concerned citizens now reach out to first aid providers to freshen their skills. Generally, taking a 2-day course can help one’s ability to carry out the first aid care to save a life. When it comes to injuries whether at home, workplace or school or during emergency scenarios, knowledge on […]