Month: April 2019

Daughter honored for using CPR to save father’s life

The eyes of Martin Dansereau’s glisten with tears while looking at his 21-year old daughter, Maslyn. He considers his daughter as a hero. After a workout on a treadmill in the basement of his house, Dansereau did not feel right. Before calling out of help, Dansereau collapsed to the ground. His daughter was studying upstairs […]

Thunder Bay Paramedics volunteering to teach CPR

In Thunder Bay, a group of paramedics aim on a fresh initiative to be launched this fall that can help change the trend on the low rate on CPR response in the city which will eventually save more lives. This aims on encouraging more individuals to help readily in case an individual is experiencing cardiac […]

Paramedic-goalie saves a life with CPR

It was a big save for the goalie of Gander Flyers before the team faced the Corner Brook Royals. When a fan collapsed and loses consciousness, the bystanders at the Newfoundland Senior Hockey League game rushed to the change room of the Flyer’s to get Patrick O’Brien. O’Brien is a paramedic who was wearing half […]

Man learned CPR 2 weeks ago saves a life

A man collapsed on the road right outside a Kitchener coffee shop in Ontario. According to Jessica Burman Zinger his wife, she thought he was having seizures and life seems to drain out of him and it was his heart. Unexpected dilemma Bystanders moved Burman off the road while a young man started to perform […]