Month: June 2019

Pedestrian collision: 81-year old woman given CPR

The Mounties confirm that an 81-year old Richmond woman died in a healthcare facility following a pedestrian crash. Based on a news release, the RCMP stated that the woman was hit by a late-model Mercedes SUV at around 6:30 PM in the area of No. 1 Road and Tucker road. Tragedy on the road The […]

Woman dies at music festival in B.C. despite CPR

A 23-year old Prince Rupert woman died on Texada Island on Saturday. It was around 6:20 PM when the RCMP were called for a possible drowning incident at Shingle Beach were the Diversity Festival was performing. According to the police, the woman was seen climbing a rocky bluff and it is believed that she fell […]

Man performs CPR on wife

Firefighters who saved the life of Abbotsford woman’s life invited to party. After the arrival of the Abbotsford firefighters at the Yntema household on Sunday afternoon, they were greeted by applause from a gathering of people in the sunny backyard. The scene was a different one to the last time the men arrived at the […]

CPR given on Surrey man identified as victim of fatal shooting

A Surrey man was severely wounded in a Friday night shooting in Langley Township. It occurred in a newly-built townhouse complex in the Willough by neighborhood. The police identified a 23-year old Tarek Ali Al-Romenshias the person who was wounded in a vehicle. He was not a resident of the complex and not known to […]