Month: July 2020

Community helps purchase new CPR machine

Thanks to a community effort and some consistent lobbying by local staff, the Bella Coola Hospital is the proud new owner of a brand-new Lucas 3 chest compression system. Affectionately coined “Lucas III” by local nurse Pat Lenci, the machine delivers high-performance, continuous chest compressions with less strain, micromanagement, and risk for the caregivers. The […]

3 First Aid Tips to Help You Deal with Sports Injuries Effectively

Whether you’re playing on a court, on a field, or on a track, the risk of injuries is inevitable. That’s why you should always be prepared. It will allow you to help yourself or anyone else who might have gotten injured during a sports session. Here we are sharing three first aid tips that every […]

How to help a choking baby, according to a paediatric first aid expert

Undertaking a first aid course is highly recommended for both parents-to-be and new parents. But, the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown has left access to these courses limited.  Knowing what to do when a child chokes is a particularly useful skill. No matter how careful you are, children aged one to five often put small […]

7 of the best first aid kits for all the family

We always hope that everything goes without a hitch, especially where children are concerned, but there’s no guarantee that a bump or a graze isn’t around the corner. Plus, let’s face it, us adults aren’t immune to falling over or getting a bee sting every now and then, so it pays to be prepared. Your […]