July 18, 2022

Can I Be Sued for Doing First Aid?

Many go into first aid training in Calgary to become capable of giving some medical attention when an injury strikes a person suddenly. However, there is a common question within first aid courses in Calgary that comes up a lot: “Can I be sued for doing first aid?”

Despite good intentions, it’s a valid concern that many have. Not knowing the legality behind performing first aid can make it harder to discern when to intervene and unwittingly take away crucial medical response time. In turn, it can potentially put a person’s life in jeopardy.

Ensure your legal protection and know when to step in for a person in need by learning the law regarding doing first aid. 

Canadian Law & Performing First Aid

For the most part, those who have passed first aid training in Calgary can safely intervene to help someone – under certain conditions. The legality behind performing first aid in Canada falls under Good Samaritan law. The details of this law offer legal protection to anyone who intervenes to help someone in need. It applies to scenarios where a person is believed to be injured, gravely sick, or incapacitated. 

However, it only applies if you do the following:

Consent to Care

The afflicted individual must provide consent before first aid is performed. The exception to this rule is if a person is unresponsive or a young child without a caregiver. 

Act of Good Intention

Acting with good intention means doing so out of the simple desire to help another person. That means not expecting money for doing first aid on someone. 

Helping to Best of Ability

What you know and your efforts are what matters. The law states you must only perform first aid that you have been trained for and to continue helping an individual until a more qualified trained person takes over. 

In the likelihood of unintentional injury or wrongful death from intervening, you won’t get sued as long as you follow the above requirements. 

Alberta’s Good Samaritan Law

Regarding the first aid law in Alberta, we have our version of the Good Samaritan law called The Emergency Medical Aid Act. In essence, it outlines the same requirements as the national law. The only difference is regarding first aid in the context of a workplace. 

Alberta’s Workplace First Aiders and Legal Requirements state, “Workers whose job description includes first aid may not be covered under this legislation. And should speak with their employer regarding their legal status and protections in the provision of first aid services.”

Why Protections Are in Place

These legal protections are in place for those performing first aid to help discourage bystander hesitation. When you have laws in place to encourage others to help one another, it helps to save lives further. Even though no one is legally required to help someone in need, there are exceptions where it is. If you’re the one who has put someone in dangerous circumstances or injured them, you must do your best to help them. Failure to do so is criminally negligent, and you can get charged. 

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