July 22, 2020

Community helps purchase new CPR machine

Thanks to a community effort and some consistent lobbying by local staff, the Bella Coola Hospital is the proud new owner of a brand-new Lucas 3 chest compression system. Affectionately coined “Lucas III” by local nurse Pat Lenci, the machine delivers high-performance, continuous chest compressions with less strain, micromanagement, and risk for the caregivers. The machine essentially replaces a person continually delivering CPR, which in turn frees up more hands to focus on the patient.

“The most important part of any intervention during a cardiac arrest is CPR,” said Bella Coola Medical Clinic Director Dr. Jeff Peimer. “It’s exhausting to do, most people can go for two to four minutes and when you’re done your arms are finished. If you have a machine that does it in a standardized way then you have more free hands.”

Peimer explained that usage of the machine can free up a minimum of two people who are then able to focus on other tasks associated with the patient such as IV lines, administration of medication, and other procedures.

“I believe this should be in every remote hospital because of staff number limitations,” said Peimer.

The purchase of the machine, which cost $16,000, was the result of a coordinated effort between VCH, the Bella Coola HealthCare Auxiliary, and private donations.

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