February 28, 2022

Emergency First Aid vs Standard First Aid: The Differences

Becoming certified in first aid training can be helpful for many circumstances, including for specific vocations, caretaking for family members, and can be used to save a life in any situation. But before signing up to receive your first aid training, it is important to distinguish the difference between emergency first aid and standard first aid. Ascertaining what each course provides will give you a clear understanding and idea of which training course is best for you. 

Find out the main differences between emergency first aid and standard aid and what is included in the training sessions. 

First aid differences

You might not notice a difference between the two courses when signing up for training, especially since they both qualify as basic life support (BSL) courses. In fact, amid a rush to fulfill a work requirement or in a rushed eagerness to learn, you may sign up for the wrong type of training. And while at first glance, both types of first aid training may seem the same, the differences are explicit.

The initial differences are that standard first aid is the most common type of training that is required for most workplaces, whether that workplace is within an office or a daycare. Emergency first aid trains you for sudden and emergent situations required in some workplaces, particularly jobs in recreational centers. 

Emergency First Aid

Emergency first aid will take place in one day and is typically around eight hours long. It is a comprehensive introductory course to first aid training and will teach you the basic skills of first aid that are incredibly important to know during an emergency situation. Emergency first aid is hands-on, and you will learn primary responses to emergencies. Some of what will be taught to you include CPR, how to initially respond to an emergency, tending to wounds, handling choking situations, shock, and recovery positions. 

Standard First Aid

Standard first aid initially differentiates from emergency with its length and content. A standard first aid course usually consists of two days worth of in-depth information and instructions on what to do during emergent situations of all types. More so, this information is not only taught to you but is rigorously practiced during your 16-hour session. Some of the skills you will learn will include head, spinal injuries, bone injuries, how to act during a situation involving poisons, and the basics taught in emergency first aid like CPR and the recovery position. Standard first aid aims to instill confidence in its participants to perform these practices during a real emergency. 

Getting trained

Acquiring first aid training is important, not just to obtain to fulfill a work requirement, but to have in case of everyday emergencies that may occur. Knowing the difference between standard first aid and emergency first aid can help you decide which best fits your schedule and needs. Standard first aid is much more in-depth and works well for people seeking to learn and comprehensively practice and prepare to assist in several potential emergency situations. Emergency first aid is good to attend if you just want to learn the basics of first aid training within a day. 

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