June 18, 2022

First Aid Training Calgary: Roles & Responsibilities

First aid training allows its trainees to help save lives during an emergency. When trained in first aid, you can help an injured party and manage life-saving techniques until medical professionals arrive at the emergency location to tend to a casualty. Because first aid training in Calgary gives its participants invaluable knowledge, with this life-saving information, some roles and responsibilities should be known. Those trained in first aid have responsibilities they should utilise in numerous scenarios where someone needs medical assistance. 

Find out the roles and responsibilities that all first aiders should be aware of after receiving the proper training.

Protecting the Casualty & Yourself

When applying your first aid training in an emergent situation, you need to make sure you’re protecting your own health and the health of the person you’re helping. Do not move the injured person if it poses a risk to them or yourself, but if the situation calls for moving the individual, such as a situation that involves moving someone from a busy road after a car accident. But while you are performing first aid techniques on someone else or taking action to help someone from a dangerous situation, you should check in with yourself to ensure that you’re straining yourself too much to the point of health hazard. 

Assessing the Situation & the Injured Individual

Upon readying yourself to perform first aid on someone, a first aider is responsible for assessing the situation where an emergency occurs. Suppose the situation has the potential to pose any further harm to an injured person or the person that is going to perform first aid techniques. In that case, waiting for professional assistance might be the only option. You must also assess any emergency to evaluate how many casualties there are that need first aid help, the cause of the accident that may have occurred, the ages of those affected, and the general overview of the emergency itself. 

Comfort & Reassurance 

Staying calm and making the injured person feel safe and comforted can help the situation in a multitude of ways. According to health professionals, providing as much comfort, reassurance, and tending to mental care is just as imperative in performing first aid techniques. Once you have established a sense of tranquillity during an emergency, you should explain to the injured party what is happening, how you will help, reassure them as best you can, and always treat them with respect. 

Prevent Infection & Escalating Injury

When assuming the role of the first aider in an emergent situation, it is important to prevent infection and to halt any escalation of injury if possible. Taking these necessary precautions when performing first aid will include the crucial steps of wearing latex-free gloves and other coverings that will allow you to prevent making direct contact with the injured person. The first aider is also responsible for avoiding breathing and coughing to prevent spreading other infections onto the casualty while also vastly limiting any aggressive or abrupt movements that may further injure the person who needs help.

Arranging for Help

As someone who has received first aid training in Calgary and is tending to an emergency, it is your responsibility to arrange for help in any way you can so the injured person can receive the medical assistance they require. This entails alerting emergency services if the situation calls for it by phone. 

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