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December 15, 2021

How Much is a CPR Class?

First aid is such a critical skill these days, and for many jobs, it’s an absolute requirement. While we usually recommend everyone get certified in first aid, we understand that it’s usually job seekers or dedicated caregivers who enroll in our courses. Holding a job requires some responsibility, and some job seekers have to take a course at their own expense. Whether you’re looking for a CPR class for yourself or your employees, price is a genuine concern.

What Courses Do I Need for CPR Certification?

So what is CPR anyway? CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It relates to first aid more generally, as a particular skillset to keep people alive when they lose consciousness and stop breathing. The heart and lungs work to keep the brain supplied with oxygenated blood, without which brain damage can occur. Without a doubt, CPR is one of the most vital skills to have in your first aid skillset.

Our most popular courses can tell you whether CPR is included and to what level you can certify. You can select one with an appropriate CPR level, CPR A, CPR B, or CPR C, and go from there. However, prices vary not only from course to course but also from training provider to training provider.

First Aid & CPR Course Price Comparison

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Price can be a sticking point for some, especially in cases where you’re paying for yourself out of pocket or you’re a business owner looking for an economical way to get multiple employees trained.

But First Aid Training Calgary is an organization with competitive pricing, so you can get budget approval or mull it over yourself—whenever you find yourself shopping around for first aid and CPR training in Calgary. There are several first aid trainers near you, so it helps to have a chart to compare. Either way you choose, you can rest assured that all options satisfy the Alberta government’s regulatory requirements. And the quality of training will always reflect that.

If you’re done shopping around, please don’t hesitate to contact us and gather more details!

First Aid Training Calgary is your industry expert dedicated to providing comprehensive and life-changing first aid and CPR training in Calgary. Our core belief is that everyone should be empowered with the knowledge to respond to an emergency, helping them make a positive difference in someone’s life when it matters. Our instructors are highly-trained professionals, teaching courses that are Canadian Red Cross and Heart & Stroke™ approved and widely accepted by numerous organizations, including Occupational Health and Safety, AHS, Alberta Social Services, and Alberta Human Services – Child Care. Affordable, critical, and life-saving – make a difference with our first aid training in Calgary. Book your spot online or call us at 403-407-0756 today!

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