August 23, 2021

How Much Is A First Aid Course?

First aid training can allow you to feel confident and collected in the face of an emergency. By utilizing all the techniques and practices you have learned in your first aid training course in Calgary, you can better help those in crisis and ensure they receive the assistance they need. 

Being certified in first aid is an incredibly valuable skill to have and is often attractive to many employers. One hesitation that potential first aid students may have is the cost of the course. Fortunately, it may be more affordable than you may think. Let’s explore the cost of a first aid course in Calgary.

What Is The Cost Of A First Aid Course?

First-Time Certification

The price for a first aid course will vary depending on the company you enroll with. For a standard first aid course, which often includes CPR and AED (automated external defibrillator) training, you can expect to pay anywhere from $124 to $170. 

The course typically requires two days to complete, and the certification you receive after successfully completing the course will be valid for three years. While combining both written and practical elements, the course will teach you how to respond to a variety of emergencies and injuries.

There are also first aid courses tailored to standard child care, which typically costs the same amount as the regular course.


As you have already been certified once and possess the knowledge and skills required to respond to an emergency situation, recertification classes are generally less expensive. You can anticipate paying between $94 and $175 for standard first aid, CPR, and AED recertification.

Recertifications are incredibly important. Not only does it give you the opportunity to brush up on skills you may not have used in a while, but it also offers the chance to learn something new. We are constantly learning and improving how we approach situations, so by enrolling in a recertification course, you may learn a new technique or strategy.

Recertification first aid courses are typically shorter, only lasting a day, and some companies opt to have a portion of the course online.

First aid training will allow you to make a positive impact on someone’s life when it counts. For the most affordable first aid training in Calgary, turn to First Aid Training Calgary! 

First Aid Training Calgary is your industry expert dedicated to providing comprehensive and life-changing first aid and CPR training in Calgary. Our core belief is that everyone should be empowered with the knowledge to respond to an emergency situation, helping them make a positive difference in someone’s life when it matters. Our instructors are highly-trained professionals, teaching courses that are Canadian Red Cross and Heart & Stroke™ approved and widely accepted by numerous organizations, including Occupational Health and Safety, AHS, Alberta Social Services and Alberta Human Services – Child Care. Affordable, important and life-saving – make a difference with our first aid training in Calgary. Book your spot online or call us at 403-407-0756 today!

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