October 23, 2021

How Much Is A Mask Fitting In Calgary?

First aid training is about just as much learning to keep yourself safe as it is being educated on how to help others. When it comes to protecting yourself in the workplace, a well-fitted mask can make all the difference. 

Fortunately, there are several services that offer mask fittings in Calgary, ensuring that your personal protective equipment is serving you as well as it can. But how much is a mask fitting in Calgary? Let’s take a look at the prices below.

How Much Does A Mask Fitting Cost In Calgary?

The price of a mask fitting actually depends on whether you already have a mask of your own. If you do already have one, then the average cost of a mask fitting in Calgary is around $34.

Meanwhile, a qualitative mask fitting will cost more, as it will allow you to leave with a mask of your own. Such a fitting will cost closer to $49.

Qualified and properly stocked mask fitting companies will have a range of N95 masks ready for you to choose from, including Dasheng DTC3Z, 3M 8110s, 3M 8210, 3M 1860, 3M 1860s, 3M 1870+, and 3M VFlex 9105s. However, it’s important that you confirm what your organization uses and stocks before arriving at your appointment to ensure the correct mask is fitted to you.

What Does A Mask Fitting In Calgary Look Like?

Mask fittings are a rather quick process, only lasting roughly 15 to 20 minutes. 

The goal is to confirm that your mask is fitted properly to your face, free of any gaps or openings. Therefore, an irritant smoke or odorous material is used to confirm whether the filtering of the mask is working correctly. Your sense of smell will help you to determine whether there are any leakages in your mask.

How Do You Prepare For A Mask Fitting In Calgary?

Preparing for a mask fitting is incredibly simple, yet the steps are important. As you will be relying on your sense of smell for the fitting, it’s crucial that you do not compromise that sense prior to the appointment.

Therefore, you are restricted from eating or drinking within 30 minutes of your appointment. This does include avoiding gum. Smoking is also banned within that 30-minute window.

Additionally, since the goal of a mask fitting is to confirm that it properly seals against your face, it’s important that there are no barriers to the process. Therefore, areas that contact the mask and seal must be clean-shaven.

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