January 1, 2019

Man trying to save his son dies despite attempts on CPR

A 41-year old Kingsville man died after attempting to save his son in Lake Erie near Cedar Island. The Kingsville Fire Department, OPP and Essex Windsor EMS responded to a report of a boater missing in the water of Lake Erie close to Cedar Island on Tuesday.

According to police, Tyson Koehn was operating a small vessel with 4 children. He entered the water to help one of the children who was swimming and seems to be struggling. According to the OPP, Koehn started to struggle and went under the water.

Water dilemma


A search was carried out and Koehn was found in the water after a short while and the EMS performed CPR.

The 4 children were rescued by a boat and a citizen on shore who swam out to help. Koehn helped his 7-year old son Trenton who was struggling in the water. While Koehn was holding Trenton above the water, Koehn started to sink and went under, no longer resurfacing.

A search was carried out and Koehn was found in the water after a short while and the EMS performed CPR. Koehn was transported to a healthcare facility but later declared dead.

According to close friends, Koehn was enjoying a day off when the winds became strong in the lake and things shifted to a disastrous turn.

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