$44 + GST

If you bring your own mask, $34 + GST.

Valid for: 2 years.



  • We offer mask fitting in Calgary for a range of different masks, including N95 masks, KN95 masks, and many more.
  • Each appointment takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Qualitative testing uses a taste solution for testing and is acceptable to checking and fitting for N95 masks. The respirator wearer uses their sense of smell to detect leakage. These tests are fast, require no complicated equipment, and are easily performed. The outcome relies on the wearer’s subjective response (pass/fail).
  • The only way to really be sure that your N95 mask fits is to have a respiratory fit test done. Book yours today!

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Our qualitative testing is approved for the following schools:

  • Mount Royal University
  • University of Calgary
  • Bow Valley College
  • Lethbridge College
  • Columbia College
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
  • University of Alberta
  • and many more...

All of our tests follow the CSA Standard: CSA Z94.4

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Prior to Appointment

Please ensure that you meet the following requirements prior to attending:

  • No food or drink within 30 minutes of your appointment (this includes gum)
  • No smoking within 30 minutes of your appointment
  • Areas that contact the mask/seal must be clean-shaven

Please come to your booking pre-shaved.

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Once Completed

Once I am fitted, can I use any brand/make/model respirator As long as it is the same size?
No. A fit test only qualifies you for the specific brand/make/model/size of the respirator with which an acceptable fit testing result was achieved.

You should wear only respirators of the same brand, model, and size that you wore during successful fit tests. Our mask testing in Calgarycan decipher the best masks for you.

Note: respirator sizing is not standardized across models or brands. For example, a medium in one model may not offer the same fit as the same or different manufacturer’s medium model.

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  • 2 years.
  • Annual re-testing is recommended.
  • A permanent virtual certificate will be emailed upon completion of your fit test.

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Reasons to choose
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Book Your Mask Fitting Now – Calgary Mask Fittings Offered Weekly!

We have the following N95 masks in stock at BOTH locations: 3M 1860, 3M 1860s, 3M 1870+, 3M 9205+, Dasheng DTC3Z, 3M VFlex 1804, 3M 8110s and 3M 8210.

It’s important you confirm what your organization uses & stocks prior to your appointment. If not, you must bring your own.

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Multiple Sessions 7 Days a Week

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