January 21, 2019

Police saved girl with first aid after near drowning incident

A 2-year old girl is recovering after 2 Newark police officers executed first aid on her after nearly drowning in a backyard swimming pool.

The police responded to a call in New Jersey on Sunday afternoon in around 90 seconds and greeted by the father upon their arrival.

According to officer Shaquille Johnson, he came directly at us and within a second of moving out of the vehicle, the child was in my arms.

Drowning incident

The girl nearly drowned in the pool despite using a flotation device and was monitored by a family friend. The girl became snarled in the pump-up toy she was using and could not lift her head out of the water.

First aid

You can enroll in a CPR and first aid training class to be prepared in handling minor injuries or emergencies.

Johnson and his partner, Malikul Aziz started to perform first aid on the toddler, using firm slams on the back of the child between the shoulder blades to force out the water.

According to Johnson, the only thing in his mind was to get the child to breathe again. The child was gasping for air, unresponsive in her father’s arms.

After some time, the girl later gasped and cried. The girl was taken to a healthcare facility for a brief period of hospitalization and now back at home with her family.

Basics on first aid

You can enroll in a CPR and first aid training class to be prepared in handling minor injuries or emergencies. In real life, emergencies can occur when you least expect it and it is best that you are prepared.

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