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Step 1: Evaluate Skills and Check Prerequisites

  • Classroom: 1 day, starts at 9am, up to 7.5 hours

You’ll need to have your pre-requisites, a current participant level certification for the level you what to teach and be 18+, ready to go for this step! Candidates demonstrate Red Cross skills with a Teaching Experience Supervisor or an Instructor Trainer at our center. Once completed, your completed skills evaluation is valid for 60 days.

Step 2: Fundamentals of Instruction

  • Online: approximately 8 hours self-directed (must be completed prior)
  • Classroom: 2 days, 9am – 4:30pm each day

The Fundamental of Instruction is the beginning step to becoming a Red Cross Instructor. All candidates will be required to complete a discipline specific course along with completing a teach experience to gain full certification. This segment of the instructor development will focus on the role of an Instructor instructional learning techniques, how individuals learn and basic lesson planning. This consists of an online component, where candidates learn the fundamentals of instruction, and a classroom component, where they apply the fundamentals under the guidance of an Instructor Trainer.

Step 3: Discipline-Specific Classroom Component

  • Classroom – 2 days, 9am – 4:30pm each day

The candidates will complete the in class discipline specific stream they are looking to teach.  We offer the following disciplines at this time:

  • -Discipline Specific – First Aid/CPR Instructor
  • -Discipline Specific – BLS Instructor
  • -Discipline Specific – AFA/EMR Instructor

While we don’t offer public courses in the following disciplines, these are the other possible disciplines.  If you have a group of 4 or more, we can host a private course for you.

  • -Discipline Specific – Wilderness/Remote First Aid Instructor
  • -Discipline Specific – Wilderness First Responder Instructor
  • -Discipline Specific – Psychological First Aid Instructor

Step 4: Teaching Experience

  • Online: approximately 1 hour (must be completed prior)
  • Classroom: can vary depending on Instructors skill level/experience

The Teaching Experience consists of an online component and a classroom component. The online component details what to expect during your Teaching Experience and provides guidance on how to prepare for it. The classroom component offers the experience of teaching in a dynamic classroom environment.

Step 5: Certification

The Red Cross is committed to developing and supporting high-quality instructors who focus on the needs of the learners in our classrooms.  We have learned that investing in our instructors leads to a better learning environment for participants, resulting in more confident first aiders in our community. Instructor Certifications are issued by the Canadian Red Cross and will be issued when all elements of the training are complete and signed off by the assigned Instructor Trainer.