November 21, 2019

Trained patrons use CPR and Lifepak to save a man’s life

An Abbotsford man was alive after a deadly arrhythmia at the Abbotsford Recreation Centre. If a sudden heart attack occurs, the ideal setting would be in a location with a paramedic and other health care professionals present and an available defibrillator.

It was the case for an Abbotsford man who was alive after suffering a deadly arrhythmia. The middle-aged man with an average build was on the treadmill at the gym. After his workout, he joined his wife who was running on the track. It was then that he collapsed.

Lifepak on the rescue

According to the facility manager, Jennifer Thornton, we were lucky that medical professionals were present in the building at that time.

Calgary First Aid Training
They assessed the man and started CPR, taking turns every 2 minutes.

An off-duty paramedic, Jim Earle was working out when he heard the commotion. An auxiliary firefighter, Brian Wiens was also at the gym. They assessed the man and started CPR, taking turns every 2 minutes. There were also 2 emergency room nurses attending a birthday party downstairs who arrived on the scene. In addition, there was also a Corrections officer with CPR training.

A Lifepak defibrillator was also at the ARC. It was installed around a year ago and it was responsible for saving the life of the man. According to Thornton, it only required one shock to bring him back.

According to the on-duty paramedic, Pete Smith, his job was made easy. Upon the arrival of the ambulance on the scene, the man was already conscious and talking. He added that the situation would have been different if not for the availability of the Lifepak. Since the man was suffering a lethal arrhythmia, defibrillation is the only option to fix it.

The man was disoriented with a bleeding nose. It indicates that he was unconscious even as he fell to the ground. He was transported to Abbotsford Regional Hospital and stayed for further observation.

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