May 4, 2022

What Do you Learn in First Aid and CPR Training?

What do you learn in CPR and First Aid Training Calgary

While the importance of receiving first aid and CPR training is widely known, what is taught and instilled during these training sessions might not be so well grasped by the general public. This training provides participants with the valuable knowledge and skillset to save someone’s life. With a training process that can last up to two days, you can learn how to respond and adequately react to a variety of different emergencies that can occur in the home, the workplace, and any public setting. With effective instructors that will give you a chance to practice life-saving techniques until you feel comfortable, CPR and first aid training in Calgary will ensure those indispensable teachings to be learned.

This article will go over the different techniques and lessons typically taught in a CPR and first aid training course. 


Nearly everyone knows CPR as the depictions of this technique are often shown on movies and television, but learning the proper technique from a professional instructor will give you much more insight than any media depiction can. CPR training will teach you how many compressions you should give someone in between breaths, how deep these compressions should be, and how to give someone correct CPR to help someone in cardiac arrest. 


Organizations like Canadian Red Cross often teach CPR and how to use an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) together within a first aid training course. AED should be utilized alongside CPR when someone is suffering from cardiac arrest as it is a life-saving device. A typical training course will offer participants the knowledge on how to operate the AED device and how to use it on adults and children. 

Bodily Emergencies

During events that cause bodily harm, including falls or crashes, first aid training gives you the resources to know how to react and respond to bodily injuries. You will learn the skills to allow you to properly tend to injuries such as the neck, spinal, bone, or muscle. 

How to treat wounds

When incidents like burning or open wounds are inflicted, you should know the best course of action to take to keep an injured person safe. If an injury is safely treated by someone who has been trained to do so, it can prevent infection and further harm. When you receive first aid training, you will learn from your instructor how to treat and bandage wounds and how to treat burns, bruises, and face wounds. Such skills can go a long way, particularly in vocations where you work with children who can be accident-prone. 

Choking and breathing obstructions

No matter the age, anyone can suffer from an unexpected choking incident when their breathing is obstructed. First aid training is meant to teach everyone how to broach a person that is choking and how to properly respond with emergent techniques. You will learn how to clear the airways of babies, children, and adults, ensuring that you are prepared for a choking situation that requires immediate attention and trained help. 

Potential poisons 

First aid training will give you a rundown on responding to emergencies that involve potential poisons. You will learn how to correctly and safely respond to carbon monoxide poisoning, stings and bites, and exposure to poisonous plants. 

All of this crucial life-saving material and more will be taught during an eight-hour course. Sign up for a local CPR and first aid training Calgary course where you will learn these valuable techniques. 

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