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November 24, 2021

What First Aid Course Do I Need for Childcare?

First aid courses can be daunting at first look, with seemingly complex names. But knowing which one you’ll need for your organization can save you time and headache. The regulatory requirements for different first aid qualifications depend very much on who, where, what, and how at-risk patrons might need medical help in the case of an injury or sudden illness.

You might need emergency first aid, but your chosen qualification might be over or under regulatory standards without knowing the requirements. But we’re here to help you understand, and in this post, we’ll look at childcare requirements specifically.

What are the Minimum Requirements for First Aid in Childcare Facilities?

At a minimum, a mix of emergency and standard first aiders can secure dozens of children. In isolated work zones, a standard first aider can cover regulatory requirements in combination with adequate first aid equipment.

What First Aid Training Should I Have for Childcare Facilities?

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As you might guess, the minimum standards don’t inspire much confidence in parents placing their trust in a childcare facility. That’s why first aid trainers like ourselves have developed specialized courses, one with an emphasis on first aid skills for school-aged children, toddlers, and infants.

This course also focuses on CPR B skills over CPR C and streamlines the learning process down to 16 hours. Don’t let the name throw you off! Our childcare course still qualifies as Standard First Aid. But it has some content deemed essential for childcare providers.

Blended learning leverages online and in-classroom skill development so you or your personnel can get certified more efficiently. Just as the standard first aid courses, blended learning for childcare goes a long way.

First aid kits are also vital to completing your first aid requirements for daycare, day homes, or other childcare facilities. Like the number of standard first aiders, the first aid kit requirements change depending on how many children frequent the facility and how isolated the facility is. According to the official Health and Safety Guidelines for Child Care Facilities, you’ll need a better-supplied kit if you’ve got more than 9 children located within 20 minutes of emergency care.

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