September 20, 2022

What is a BLS Certification?

Knowing basic life support (BLS) can go a long way in saving a person’s life. Yet, what does it mean to be certified in BLS? Learn everything you need to know about BLS certification before registering for a basic life support course in Calgary

What a Basic Life Support Course in Calgary Entails

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What is BLS?

Basic life support (BLS) involves becoming knowledgeable and trained in using medical care that’s instrumental in helping those with life-threatening illnesses or injuries. 

Typically, BLS is used in cases of emergencies. For instance, when someone is going through a cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, or if their airway is obstructed (e.g. from choking). When someone knows BLS, they can act quickly by recognizing the signs of medical distress and addressing it immediately. People trained in BLS must keep giving necessary medical care until a more advanced medical professional can intervene (e.g. paramedics, nurses, physicians). 

It is common for medical personnel to be trained in BLS – like an emergency medical technician. However, anyone can become certified by passing a basic life support course in Calgary. Those who wish to remain certified must get recertified annually, 

What Do You Learn in BLS Training?

BLS training aims to teach a level of medical care to apply to emergencies when it’s direly needed. The goal for those trained in BLS is to respond quickly and confidently. 

That means having them learn important concepts in training, such as the “chain of survival.” Chain of survival entails knowing the sequence of events that must occur in rapid succession to maximize the chances of survival from someone in sudden cardiac arrest. Understanding these concepts makes applying the skills necessary to give proper medical care in an emergency easier.

Special skills people acquire from a BLS course are: 

  • Perform well as a single rescuer & multi-rescuer in CPR;
  • Properly administer chest compressions; 
  • Knows how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator);
  • Provide CPR for an adult, child & infant CPR; 
  • Effectively use a barrier device & bag-mask device.

Nowadays, BLS has expanded toward helping in opioid-associated life-threatening emergencies. With such training, they can help those also experiencing other life-threatening emergencies such as maternal cardiac arrest, anaphylaxis, drowning, heart attack, and stroke. 

Many can receive certifications by learning these skills and knowledge through a blend of in-class teaching and theoretical concepts, which will be tested via a written exam and must score at least 80%.

Why Have BLS Certification?

The major reason people get BLS certification is to help save a person’s life. With certification, it’s proof that you can competently handle emergency medical scenarios. Not having one can potentially risk lives if no one around is qualified. Furthermore, trying to help someone without training can worsen an emergency situation. With a BLS certification, you can safely help a person’s life with training backed up by health care standards. You can at least guarantee that you can handle whatever emergency scenario since your training would cover it all. 

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