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January 26, 2022

What is Level C First Aid?

It can be daunting trying to select your first aid course correctly, especially if you’re new to a job or position requiring first aid. Moreover, each CPR or first aid training organization may have different names for their courses, making it harder to understand what content is included in the course you need. Chances are, you’re supposed to get level C first aid. But what does that entail? Read on to find out!

CPR Level C

CPR C is a widely completed certification because it’s so vital. It includes training in all CPR and choking procedures for adults, children, and infants, and it trains you how to perform CPR as part of a first aid team.

What sets this course apart is the training you get for the emergency use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Level C CPR/AED proficiently addresses the need for training in the event of a cardiac arrest. Some of the more common groups that need this certification include [some] school-age child educators, elder care workers, daycare or daycare workers, and swimming pool lifeguards. CPR A, and B, on the other hand, contain a more streamlined curriculum.

The Difference Between First Aid & CPR Level C

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But there’s more that can go wrong in a first aid situation than just cardiac arrest or loss of breathing and circulation due to unconsciousness. First aid is training for addressing multiple health hazards not limited to circulation and breathing. First aid also includes some training on responding to cuts, bruising, broken bones, neck and spinal injuries, and more. But the complete list of topics you’ll get training in depends on whether you get standard or emergency first aid training.

In terms of CPR levels, a critical differentiator of level C CPR is its AED training for problems with the heart. Cardiac arrest is a hazard for multiple age groups and other demographics, so it’s a widely required certification. What is First Aid Level C, then? It can be either standard or emergency first aid, combined with a certification in CPR level C, inclusive of training for a cardiac arrest.

So, there you have it! All level C means is that the first aid course integrates a level C CPR course. First aid and CPR are different in that CPR is one essential lifesaving skill to help patients with circulation and breathing. Our recommendation is to take level C first aid if you have the opportunity. There’s a difference between meeting the minimum standard for qualifications and being prepared for multiple emergencies.

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